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Lets get the stats out-of-the-way. Who are you and where are you from? Sixeyedcat / Mike MacDougall. Aquarius. Born in Uxbridge On.
When did you move to PEI? 1975, I was two.
How long have you been making art? I started making cassette covers for Strawberry in the nineties. The poster art kicked in around 2000. I did a lot of collage – mixed media posters for Dyno-Mites, Eyes For Telescopes, Fugato and of course Haunted Hearts. I’m trying to get back to creating stuff by hand, collage, letterpress, linocut etc. I also have a poster in the Confederation Centre archives.
Is it a strange victory that back in the day they spent so much time kicking everybody out of there and now you have art inside? Ha. True. Did you know there is a Warhol in there? Gretzky portrait.
WHAT !?! From the eighties.
sixeyed 4
Time for a heist.  I think at that point he was just telling people what to do and putting his name on it.
Warhol had it easy. Paint soup cans different colours and get rich. I think he figured it out. The loop-hole. Surround your self with people who think you’re a genius and tell them what to do.
I think I would have a hard time convincing people to do that. Maybe my dog could fill that role? What is “Sixeyedcatprintco.” ? I am a big psych fan
mike psych
after pouring over every magazine and book I could find about sixties psych bands and artists I noticed they used names like “Old Jimmy and the Shaky Hairbrush Band” and I thought “I need a name!”. So, one evening during a snowstorm. I was listening to a record and misheard a lyric, Sixeyedcatprintco. was born!
Being an Island artist did you consciously decide you wanted to do something other than paint fishing boats and potato fields? I’ve never really thought about it. I just wanted to make stuff to see what people thought, like it or lump it. Maybe fishing boats in the middle of potato fields..
That shit has been done to death. If you were gifted with a superhuman power, what would it be? Invisibility.
Would you use it for good or evil? Obviously for evil.
Going back to that sixties vibe in your style. Who are some your influences? Rick Griffin for his lettering, Victor Moscoso for his colours, Mouse, Bonnie Maclean. Early skateboard art was a huge influence for me. The graphics on Alva and Powell Peralta were a real eye opener.
First board? Sims, I don’t remember the rider. It was a few inches longer than what everyone else was riding, perfect for cruising.
You have been a pretty serious part of the music scene on PEI since the early nineties. Did your start into album cover/poster art come from necessity ? Yeah we didn’t know what to do when it came to that stuff back then. As for the Dyno-Mites and Eyes posters I knew the library had a photocopier so, yahoo !!
DIY attitude. Trying to make posters like the ones I saw from the sixties using a black and white photocopies..
Gotta start somewhere. I remember the first time I smoked hash, your band Strawberry was playing at the barn. Everyone just sat on the floor and burnt incense sticks, it was pretty hippy. Then a band like Stil would come on and everyone would basically beat the shit out of each other.  Those were the days. Hemlock blew my mind.
Ya they were rad. Every band were so different from one another yet so fresh and new to my ears. Skinkeeper, Us (Strawberry) , Stil..
Merge. Hussey brothers from Summerside !!
If you could bring back someone from the dead would it be Keith Moon or John Bonham? MOON ! Obviously. Never really got into Zeppelin.
Agree. Keith Moon was badass. A lot of people mention Keith Moon when talking about me..
Is he your birth mother? And father ! Lunatic and sweetheart..
Whats next for Sixeyedcatprintco. ? I’m planning something with Megan Dorrell she makes cool stuff. I want to do something other than posters on walls. I have thought about making an album, or whatever you call em’ these days, Sixeyedcatmusicco. Maybe skates decks…
mike 6
Skate decks would be radical. Ya man, looking into it.
If someone were looking to give you money for artwork where can they find you? I don’t have a website. The Facebook page for the cat is one way.
Shout outs? Nope.
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? I was thinking Old Jimmy and the Shaky Hairbrush band.
And for the closer. Last record or song you listened too? I’ve been listening to Hawkwind
King Tubby and Lee Scartch Perry at work for the last month.
Mike is a recipient of the Music PEI Visual Artist of the Year, so you better go LIKE Sixeyedcatprintco. on Facebook right meow. 
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