The Dennis “Cabbage” Kavanagh interview


I’ve known Dennis for over 20 years now. Grew up skating with him, he’s as straight up as they come. He still rips harder than most 15 year olds, in fact Dennis was born a skater and will no doubt die one. He might actually be my favourite character in the “How to be Deadly” film. Dennis’ character “Tom” was originally pen’d as 55-year-old Asian man. We changed it up when Bochart came into the picture and Ian St. Aubin caught a glimpse of Dennis’ incredible beard and said “Dude, it’s gotta be Cabbage.” I called him up right away and he told me that after six months that he was actually going to shave it. I made him promise me that he’d put the razor down and he ended up getting the part. Best casting call I’ve ever been apart of. Love Dennis, he’s as rad as they come.– Nik Sexton (Creator/Director of Donnie Dumphy)

Let’s start with the basics. How old are you? Where are you from and when did you start skating? I’m forty-two and a half. St. Johns Newfoundland and 87 or 88.

First board? First board was a Vision John A.Grigley. Learned a lot on that one.

One of the ones with that weird clown face looking thing with the cross on its forehead? Yeah. That was the one.

What got you into skating ? I liked a girl who was into skaters.  I also just discovered alcohol and smoking. It was a perfect shit storm.

Girls got me into smoking too. Why do they call you “Cabbage”? Both of my older brothers were called Cabbage so when I was a kid all their friends called me brussel sprouts.

cabbage 2

Brussel sprouts are hard on the tongue. So when you got older you inherited the full Cabbage?  I showed up at hockey practice with a new team. Someone said I know you, you’re Cabbage’s brother. I’ve been Cabbage ever since.

Classic. What’s the worst situation you ever got yourself into? It’s seems that most my life is a bad situation. I faced jail time for doing my friend a favor.

Did you do go away? Fifteen months house arrest.

Fuck. At least you won’t get raped at home. Or it’s less likely. I also had this addictions councillor. She told me my main addiction is skateboarding.

Whoa, diagnosed skateboarding addiction from a professional. That is pretty gnarly!  


Did she make you do piss tests to make sure you weren’t skating? I think the fresh road rashes were a give away. She got my P.O. to let me out a few hours a week to skate.

Sounds like she had a crush on you. Did you bang her? Nope.

Tell me about “The Monument”. It’s just a granite memorial for war vets that’s sick to skate. Back in the day there would be like fifty guys skating it. Cops didn’t like it much.

558033_10151975848715183_1659314417_n (1)

What was worse back then, cops or rednecks? It was metal heads we had to run from when I first started. But once that cleared up, it was cops. Now most of my buds are metal heads.

Whats a Cabbage mix tape got on it? My iPod goes from Iron Maiden to Patsy Cline to Slayer to Johnny Cash. I’m a huge Madonna fan. Suicidal, DRI, and Donnie.

You played Tom in the upcoming Donnie Dumphy movie “How to be Deadly”. Was it cool acting in a feature film? They paid me well to hang and skate with Jimmers. They fed us and I got to meet the Alpine Oracle.

I heard the “Vantasy” was the place to be on set? I was always sober on set and knew how to hide things. I kept the van clean. It was the place to be though.

10468549_10154314794595581_2287732883689321113_n (1)

Do you have any sponsors? No real sponsors. But I got a lot of friends who won’t let me skate a shitty board.

Last trick ? Feeble over the spine.

Keep an eye out for Cabbage in the upcoming Donnie Dumphy movie “How To Be Deadly” 

Ender logo 1

 Photo credits: Robert Basha Megan Frampton

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