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Let’s play a game of get to know me. I went to Birchwood Junior High. You know the school where all the good kids go. The year was 1992, I was in grade 9 (First time around) I was your typical teenage disaster, I spent my time reading Metal Edge Magazine discovering new bands and music. I drew and doodled on everything in front of me in class. When I was in class … I actually spent most of that year in the hallway, kicked out. Authority has always been a problem for me.

I wore tight ass jeans back then, cowboy boots and rocked a killer mullet. Call me a dirt, skid, skeet I don’t give a fuck I was what I was. I remember back then you could get a 15 pack of smokes for 4.75, those were the days. I washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant for 5 bucks an hour and spent all my money on metal tapes. When I wasn’t in school I would hide out in the enormous cemetery by my house smoking cigarettes and listening to my walk man. That same cemetery was riddled with massive chestnut trees. Oh man me and my friends we would spend hours filling anything that could be filled with chestnuts. We had thousands it was our arsenal. We’d set ourselves up on the hill and pelt cars with them till we could get a chase goin’. PAP PAP PAP chestnuts flyin’ from all directions, tires would SCREEEEECH to a halt then it was on, dudes would chase us through that cemetery night after night. We never got caught, that was our turf.

I wanted nothing more in life but to cause shit, listen to L.A.Guns and finger girls.

Then one day out of the blue a couple of my closest buddies decided they wanted to get skateboards. I knew nothing more of skateboards than being towed around on old Dominion boards from a BMX bike or knee pushing on a driveway when I was a little kid, doing what little kids do. When the topic came up all I remember thinking was “How the fuck are you gonna go uphill on a skateboard?” I mocked them and trashed the idea. Until they told me it’s banned on the streets and cops hate it… ‘What do you mean? It’s just a fucking skateboard..?” I didn’t understand.

I had to find out more. Why would the police give a fuck about some teenagers skateboarding? What is it that they hated? It’s just a useless wooden toy? Magazines back then were the like internet. Thats what you would do, get interested in something then go find any magazines on the topic. Wanna see naked chicks? Hit up the magazine shop and try and see how far you could get through a Penthouse before the shop keeper caught you.

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Then I found it. The Bible. Thrasher Magazine, I quickly stuffed that shit down my pants and ran out of the store. I couldn’t wait to get to a safe place to read it. When I peeled back the cover I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was insane the pages were filled with dudes jumping down stairs. They could actually do tricks on skateboards. There were drawings of skulls and blood, music and mayhem. There it was, a whole new world that I had no idea existed. The rebellion and bad-assery was so in your face. I was in. I was in it to join the rebellion against the cops, to fight the good fight. Then one fateful day at the top of the Queen St. Parkade I stepped on a board in my rawhide cowboy boots (shakily) and with in a couple of pushes that mullet was in the wind and I was in love.

Skateboarding has been with me ever since, in one form or another. I met every friend I still have today that summer, my musical tastes and style of dress were derived from skate videos. The ability to try till you die in all walks of life come from that shit.

The mutiny saved my life.

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Robbie Carruthers @PEICarruthers

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